One Last Time

one last time

One last time

The light of the candles flickering across your face in the dark

My vision trying to capture perfect little glimpses of your eyes

Life seemingly paused for our accidental euphoric tangle

No words, only our breathe clocking rhythm and time

The silence in the sound breeding a paced breathlessness

Tantalizingly poured over my lobe as your soft lips touch whispering elation

Wrapping ourselves in to one another with smooth passionate flow

Our merging skin mapping desire and ferocity

An overwhelming dance that screams to entwine our tentacles

Sweat dripping off of our bodies absorbed in to the tossed white cotton nest

Hearts pounding, pressing flesh, droplets of intensity

One last time

~Alisa Hutton

10 thoughts on “One Last Time

    • This explains a lot and I DID know that so what happened to my brain? I have found Canadians tend to have better English than the English (no surprise). I lived in Ontario for a whole year. I’ve been to Vancouver but only once and it was the only city in the world where there were more size zeros for the Asian market than any other size 😉 I went to the Island too. Did the whole thing. Beautiful obviously but very expensive. Bet it’s nice waking up to those mountains though.

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      • Interesting. Here you have been wooing me with your vocabulary that I frequently have to google. Lol, yes many size zeros. It is a beautiful city (and yes expensive). Really so much to offer with nature, the beaches, clean, funky little places. I like it:)


  1. Sexy post in the best ways. Vancouver- my old stomping grounds. I’ve lived all over there and went to school there, Van tech, Burnaby north, SFU.
    We just visited false creek last weekend, Stanley park, and Garry Point in Steveston.

    I do like coming home to Okanagan though.

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