Sincerely, The Florist


Dear customer,

My orchid will need to be taken care of with the delicacy she deserves. You undoubtedly will see her unique beauty and glowing magnificence. If you do not, I ask that you please not take her home. Perhaps purchase yourself something of a more common variety that requires less care?

My orchid is very special, you should know. You may want to place her in a location according to your eyes desire. However, she does not do well this way. Not in the least. She needs the perfect amount warmth, light, moisture and always gentle handling. Only with this will she do well. My orchid will decide her home, she knows best where she grows.

If you touch her petals without care, indeed damage you will cause. Please refrain from careless handling. She is sensitive and precious. If you truly wish to cherish her remember this. She is delicate, believe her to be sacred and honor her so. She will thrive.

You need to also know how I run my shop. Flowers are not grown to be picked by the stem and put in water until they die. They are a beautiful gift that must be cared for, appreciated and naturally grown. So before you take on my precious orchid, give good thought as to your interest in something so beautiful that requires such care.

On second thought dear customer, my orchid is not for sale.



The Florist

14 thoughts on “Sincerely, The Florist

  1. Alisa, what a lovely metaphor. Giving your heart away to just any old buyer is not the path to follow. The right one must water and feed it with love and understanding. Well done. First timer here after reading your comments with Candice. Keith

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