As the winter air bit at her cheeks in her forest of thoughts

Her heart weighted, indulging in sadness

A past heavy in disappointment

Her future never arriving between blinks

She gave herself permission

You may

Close the gap of your expectations now

Family looks as it feels

Not what was fictionally written

Home is not made of carefully placed cushions or well-appointed rugs

She was not “them”, “she” or “her”

She was “I “

“I” knew happiness was to be felt, not chased

“I” felt love for people, not things

“I” knew time was welth, not income

“I” gave permission

To let “them” be the holder of expectations

“I” will live a beautiful life

~Alisa Hutton

11 thoughts on “Now

  1. Alisa, terrific. The line that comes to mind is “the movement you need is on your shoulders,” so sang Paul McCartney in “Hey Jude.” Take care of you first and live that beautiful life. Keith

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      • Mine too. Paul McCartney tells the story he was playing the song for John Lennon as the song is about Lennon’s son Julian who they called Jules. It was changed to Jude when produced. Paul said he was going to take the referenced line out as it was cheesy, but John said to leave it in as it is the best line in the song. I found that interesting. Listen well. Keith

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