Love That is Kept


The simplicity of sharing, connection

We care for another, our relationship, me to you and you to I

In raw essence a desire to love and be loved

Somewhere and somehow comes the trickle of rigid thoughts


We are being taught

We are being judged

Sized and sorted for worth

Holding on to our inner most thoughts and feelings

Fear the open and free

Interpreted intent other than love for one another

Simplicity strays losing its way

Lost in care, lost in compassion, lost in kindness

Blinded by our own internal sight of protective rules and historical hurt

Human art covered for no other soul to appreciate or adore in its naked and true form

To be loved

Unique color and fine stroke


In quiet breathe one comes to understand that love not accepted, seen or understood is the materialized burden another is carrying on their back

Only the heaviness is carried by all of us

For love not given is love not accepted, the two must dance in mutual fall

It is the complexity of our unique human art

The human paradox

In quiet you will find  the boundless love you have to give and a purity of love you need to burst in full color

The inhale and exhale of equal importance to a genuine life

Complimentary existence for happiness

You will learn that love unlived, unsaid and unshared is the root of human rot

You will learn this particular shade is the only color shared on my canvas and yours

The same fears and vulnerabilities

Yet here we sit holding on to our love as if it is some how wrong to give

Sad as I do believe

Love that is kept

Is never felt at all

~Alisa Hutton

11 thoughts on “Love That is Kept

  1. Alisa, this sums it up nicely.

    “For love not given is love not accepted, the two must dance in mutual fall.”

    What is the old line, “it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”

    Nicely done, Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith:) This is something that has rolled around in me for a while. Human nature of hurt/fear, sometimes even just the inability to step outside of busyness to extend love to others. I had a thought the other day, I wonder what the world would feel like if we all just chose to offer love in every human interaction we have in our days. A simple and wonderful concept.

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  2. A difficult thing for so many to learn that certainly love is meant for giving. Especially hard for me with my adult children. So easy to love but hard to let go and to not hold on to the love I’ve been given. Learning from your children is more precious than gold. Nicely written.

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    • Thank you, Renee. It is a hard to thing to learn (and live) and requires a lot vulnerability, which is scary at times. It can feel/offer beauty and sting equally at times. Our kids really do offer so much learning, as you say more precious than gold:)

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  3. Love, such concept, such a feeling. Couldn’t agree more with your words. Used to be shy about telling people my feelings, but no more. And am not talking only about lovers, you know? Love in general, but even more so when its significant. Love really has, and does change people’s lives. It’s definitely better expressed than never to be shared at all. Our society needs more of it, and one could never get enough of it. It’s been my contention that you could never love someone too much, friend, relative, or lover. Does that make sense?

    What do you think Alisa?

    In any case, great piece. Love these as they always make me ponder about things that matter. Not that other poetry is bad! Just, you know, usually try to find meaning in life, and in circumstances and your poetry has that to boot.


    • I very much agree. It is funny but it seems to be the one thing romantic or otherwise that people seem to often hold on to so dearly. I suppose it is a combination of vulnerability, how society teaches us etc. It always makes me sad though as I don’t see how holding on to it carries any use for us or others. Silly humans at times:) Thanks for reading and your thoughts, always love your insights.

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