For You




Unique and immaterial being

Be you.


Innate pattern of animal behaviour

Feel you.


Ravenous hunger to know more

Feed you.


Discreet calm and absence of noise

Hear you.


Deeply inhaled admiration

Breathe you.


Sincerely placed tenderness and affection for one

All of this

For you.

~Alisa Hutton

19 thoughts on “For You

      • You’re welcome Alisa! Sure seemed like it. I like things like that, you know, different things that can add value and yet ‘spice’ things up in peoples life. Never seen a ‘structure’ like that. Very snazzy πŸ˜› How you say/write something is definitely as important as what one says/writes. BECAUSE IF I’M WRITING YOU LIKE THIS I COULD BE SAYING POSITIVE THINGS AND IT COULD BE AWESOME POETRY BUT IT SEEMS LIKE I’M SCREAMING YOU KNOW LOL. Just kidding. But seriously!

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      • Lol well put. I had to laugh reading that as my Dad insist on sending emails in all caps because he can see it better. We have tried to explain to him that when people read it they will think he is screaming haha. His response was that he usually is lol.

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