Not Much

Not Much

She died inside

She didn’t feel a lot

Just a little more

She wasn’t sure how many times one could feel like this before “this” just was

Continually showing up for promptly closing doors

Only a child, she thought there was so much more

When do others see in her eyes what she can see in theirs?

At what point do they know that this one needs a little extra care?

Timing is everything

Unfortunately for her she has never worn a watch

When you ask her what she wishes for in life

She always smiles and says not much

Isn’t that irony of it all?

Exactly what she wished for

Is exactly what she got

~ Alisa Hutton

6 thoughts on “Not Much

  1. Girl !!!!!!!!
    You are hurting my heart!!! Where is this Soul who needs the biggest hug ever????
    I am sorry but I think I disagree with the final conclusion! Maybe she answers what she has been conditioned to answer. Maybe she doesn’t think she deserves much because she has been told that over and over, like Chinese Water Torture???

    Maybe someone should have cared enough to tell her the possibilities from which she could choose..
    Sorry!! This hit my Daddy/advocate button. Great job in getting that response..Just goes to show what a powerful writer you are!!!

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