fork two


Welcome to the fork in the road

Reduce speed and proceed with caution, adulthood ahead

Hard right-

Find your Neverland

Time and space allows you to see the good in all

Utopia will keep your light alive

You may gasp for fresh air and balanced surround

Fret not, you will learn what it is to live beyond survival

Don’t let your feet touch the ground


Hard left-

Share the air of the hate, grief and hurt exhaled in to your chest pocket, find your strength in the discord of distempered souls who lay your broken foundation

Let their anger give you life

Feast on others before they take their bites

You will breathe easy in cold surround and learn to die before any hope of life, no need to discuss survival

It implies care

Don’t let yourself get caught in that tempestuous snare


Two paths, one lesson

Simply left or a delusional right?

The safety of dim or excruciating light

~Alisa Hutton

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