Wide Open


It isn’t my place

No plan or hope for a connection that I wish to keep

My table seats few

The spirits poured of particular character and taste, the company never cheap

Arms wide open

I am not sure your ego has allowed you to remove your blinders and fully come to see

My wing span now

The simple reflection that I have set myself free

No longer do I stand to extend myself to you in trust and good faith

See my eyes, hear my lack of words

Your delusions of me have been neatly left at the door

My respect for you sharply stuck in my back and the reality

I was always just an acquaintance

Nothing more

~Alisa Hutton

14 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. This was a wonderful trip through time when a relationship seemed like more until there was a realization that is was one sided without a future and it was “just an acquaintence, Nothing More”. Very poignant and insightful piece about what can happen when you look at the reality instead of the fantasy – change for the better. Kudos!

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    • Thank you, Sir:) Sorry, for the long delay in response. My comments on WP are hit and miss right now and giving me technical difficulties for some reason. So I will say thanks while the going is good!


  2. “Delusions..neatly left at the door”.. your writing it tangible; the Phoenix in you will rise beyond forgotten words written and left trapped behind her shallow eyes. Keep writing, keep rising… you have a gift that no one can dismantle from inside of you.

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  3. As one’s wingspan broadens, it further reduces the number of people who may sit at your table. I’ve decided to allow some camping chairs and a few extra glasses. Not everyone need drink as much of my “spirits poured”. And some find these makeshift chairs more comfortable than the old metal stools.

    I always take a deep breath (bracing myself) when I come to your page, your words so achingly beautiful yet the pain, the pain. My natural joy wants to take it all and just send you platonic hugs. So that’s what I’m going to do.

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