Look for them

Notice the person who is looking down, see them in their perfect human form

Hold their hand in silent know

The quiet one, who without announcement carries recognizable sadness in their eyes

See them

Nurture their worry in gentle sway, lay with them, sorrow and grief should never be alone

Let their tenderness and vulnerability mirror the compassion you were once shown

Breathe life and spirit in to beautifully tired souls

None of us better than the other, we all have our shadows that can swallow us whole

Let light and dark be the fabric that connects us together

Feel me

I am your sister, friend and mother

Grow authenticity, remove the unnecessary societal covers

They only serve to starve us all from one another

At the end of our life only one thing can be left behind

The love you share by simply being kind

~Alisa Hutton

17 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. A – this is wonderful. Christine and I are tossing an idea around of starting a blog, opening a room at the go dog go treetop cafe, or something that would draw attention to the powerful writers speaking with such strength about their recovery from ______ (fill in the blank, but often abuse of some kind). I think this poem would be a great way to welcome folks into the room. The hope is to make it a safe place to reflect and be encouraged and to meet others who can reinforce the recovery. Hope you have a great weekend, hugs and all. S

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    • Thanks:) That sounds like a great idea/good platform. The show I am part of at the end of the month is to raise money for two non-profits locally that support mental health and essentially to open dialogue through art. This piece was written for that show and will be read there. I think art is such a good medium for these conversations. On that note, I’d be more than happy if you shared it and honored of course:)

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  3. Alisa, this is one of my favorites of yours. It reminds me of a saying I firmly believe “kindness is not weakness.” It is a greater strength than can be imagined. Well done, my friend, Keith

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