Intended Child

intended child

The intended child born of great story

Marital fiction sprinkled with good looks

Welcome to the new age of genetic folklore

Raised in proper and pressed dresses that stand in stiff form

Opinion was taught and told in stern

Dear child do as I say, not as I do

Freedom of thoughts are told to stand in the corner or shown the door

The intended child came as such a disappointment

So full of life

Not part of the familial order

A mind and soul, values and beliefs, something the off spring were never to be shown

The intended child such a shameful face of the perfect lineage

The wax families personal disgrace

A little girl who was supposed to listen because of the nobility of her last name

Perhaps when they decided to step on her spirit

Is slightly more to blame

~Alisa Hutton

2 thoughts on “Intended Child

  1. Much of what you write about I know. I was raised by parents where it was believed that children should be seen and not heard, being taught opinion rather than given the freedom to have one. You have written well about something few would talk about in the past but do more so now.

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    • Thank you, Renee. It seems to be a common thread with people in my circle. Human nature I suppose, many years of this concept and living by it and then the unravel and honoring yourself outside of this idea. Life learning:)

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