Hear It’s Tap


As I looked to the sky today the clouds seemed to carry depths I do not know

A storm quietly warming a familiar heart ache that arrives from a distant shore

Quiet yourself

Do you hear its tap

Can you feel its pull

Weighted complexity seemed to be grieving in the skies

Equal as they dance and fight

The harsh poetic beauty of the struggles between the darkness and the light

I sat by the river under that sky breathing in the clouds and all that she spoke

In my silence unpredictable currents thrashed me about, swallowing me whole


It was as if the sky was trying to tell me something

All those clouds that seemed to carry depths I do not know

My heart so very grateful of the river today

Reminding me to trust her flow

~Alisa Hutton

4 thoughts on “Hear It’s Tap

  1. Alisa, I love the metaphors. The clouds show the conflict or torment over decisions, while the river shows the path that nature may yield for you. It may not be the best path, but it is the easiest one to follow. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith. The river is one of my favorite places to just sit and do nothing:) I was there yesterday and some stormy clouds rolled in over the the sunshine. One of those interesting summer skies where the clouds and the light and dark seem to be tossing one another around.

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