Bite and devour that dances across my tongue, lingering taste

Pressing her lips in timeless suspension

Slow stroke of her smooth canvas leaving sensual droplets, snap shots, lingering touch

Warm hands mapping in curious trace

Fragrance that imprints the linen with her lingering scent that begs to be savored and envelopes me whole

Hints of perfume pressing against me, vividly and slow

Images of the her movements in silhouette,  a lingering hold

Visual playback that without announcement laps across my gaze, encompassing and  bold

In the quiet of my day her paced breathing than ran up my neck, lingering sounds of the night before

Notes of her that seem to reverberate deeply in my soul

She lingers across my senses in breathtaking ways

Misting her extraordinary beauty throughout my day

~Alisa Hutton

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