I Dreamt About You Last Night

last night

I dreamt about you last night

We sat across from one another at a wooden picnic table,

romantically weathered with perfect patina

The spring sunshine warming our backs

Surrounded by gardens written in an old English countryside

My mind creating a space just for you

I watched as your eyes danced with excitement,

telling me about your books and writing

Your eyes reminded me of the first time we met.

Sitting across the table,

locked with interest I couldn’t look away

Absorbing with curiosity,

our story had never ended

A comfort waved over me as we were sitting in your perfect place

In a romantic ideal, magical

It wasn’t an ideal or magical for us though because we knew in our hearts it does exist

It was just us

No limit on time

No boundary of any sort

It felt so close, every sense absorbed each moment

Simplistic and beautiful

We held hands and talked

I played with the ring on your finger as you spoke,

the same ring I noticed the first time we met

No end in engagement

No wavering or question

Fluid warmth

We gently kissed

My eyes opened

My lips still pressed from what seemed so real

I dreamt about you last night

I dusted off the story we had started to write,

I tucked this in between the pages

Even if it was only a dream I had about you last night

~Alisa Hutton

8 thoughts on “I Dreamt About You Last Night

  1. I’m not sure if I’m in a fit mental state after reading your poem. What is the antidote for your romantic writing? Leviticus chapter one? You did this to me on the first two posts. I’m wanting to Back Catablog you and I have to be able to take bigger doses? LOL!

    This was a mesmerizing piece for me. You brought me into it like the close up opening of a movie with the detailed descriptions of the setting along with the feelings. Your lines hit me like an interrogators questions – “I watched as your eyes danced with excitement”. So, if they say, “No they.don’t” you will know they are lying? How can you write such beautiful, romantic, and emotional words and then at the same time put such a silly thought in my head? I hope that doesn’t make you upset. You should feel extra specially talented. It’s just that it made me stop and wonder – what kind of dance? Only because I don’t dance other than slow dancing and isn’t that just hanging onto one another. I think I shall stop and save this for later.

    Let me finish by saying I will have to reread this at least 3 more times to catch everything you have packed into this stunning piece!! But that’s a good thing for me. Bravo

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    • Lol, I am not sure. This was based on an actual dream I had. When I wrote this it just felt more so like documenting something I watched on TV. Thanks for reading and for your thoughts, always appreciated:)

      Liked by 1 person

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