She ran through the woods, ominous thoughts scratching at her sides

Chasing her spirit with cries of disparity

Surrounded by giants bellowing silence

Running deeper

No end, no familiar path

Swinging with unguided perception

Her lungs touched by the crisp air of her own fears

Shortening in pause, gasping for calm

Collapsing her weary knees, slighted hands and broken heart on the mossy ground

Enveloped by giants

They gently whisper to her soul

Stand on our shoulders, rest your tepid heart

Just for now child, until you can see further

Stand on the shoulders of giants

~Alisa Hutton



Not This

not this

Waiting for the message that is rarely returned

I hear not this

My heart wanting  you to see me

I hear not this

The flowers I deliver put aside

I hear not this

Thoughtful gestures disregarded as simple expectation

I hear not this

Questions about me that are never asked

I hear not this

The how are you that is never spoken

I hear not this

Poems written that are accepted with a shrug and hey thanks

I hear not this

Constant wonder would she notice if I was missing

I hear not this

The most basic human decency seemingly absent

I hear not this

When the day comes

When the silence allows insight

When the quiet brings you back to your heart

When your eyes open

When you feel I am gone

I felt the worth of my heart and it was

Not this.

~Alisa Hutton

Love Her

love her

Love her

Love her because her mind excites you

Ask her questions

Love her because she makes you see colors with more brilliance

Shine brightly for her

Love her eyes and the depth they carry

Speak to her with them

Love her because you can’t help but watch her from across a crowded room

Never stop looking just because she isn’t

Love her because there is nobody you would rather sit in silence with

Feel her heart in that silence

Love her because her laugh is contagious

Make her smile as often as you can

Love her because her emotions run deep like the tides

Be there no matter how high or low those tides are

Love her when she is sick and love her when she is well

Bring her warm soup and fresh cut flowers

Love her because her heart is pure

Hold that heart with honor and delicacy because it is special

Love her words

Write her poetry and leave her love notes

Love her because her soul is kind

Speak to her with warmth and sincerity

If you truly love her, you must love her well

She is love, she deserves nothing less

If you can not love her this way,

let someone who can

Love her.

~Alisa Hutton

Her Bed

in bed

Laying in her bed

Rising from her lioness slumber

She stretches her long body with a relaxed caution

Sounds of today dancing through the window

The delicate scent of a fresh spring morning penetrating her soul, deeply inhaling her new day

Song birds reminding her of opportunity and innocence

Yesterday washed away

Quiet in her heart

Crisp white cotton sheets adorn her perfectly reckless body

Speaking no words she looks over to me

Behind her thoughtful gaze

A lifetime of stories that wrap around me with curiosity

Sitting with locked eyes

No space between us

I sit in this moment as it rushes though my being

I look in her eyes and know my heart has spoken

Laying in her bed

~Alisa Hutton



Beneath the Magnolia Tree

2016-03-31 19.28.43.jpgBeneath the Magnolia tree

She would sit on her perfectly weathered bench

Her eyes deeply off in to the distance buried a maze of thoughts

A canopy of cascading white

Protecting her as if it was her own personal heaven

The sun dripping through the branches

The sweet fragrance filling the holes winter had left in her heart

I watched from afar

Wondering if she ever welcomed anyone in

Would I be invited

Her dark brown eyes pulled away from her gaze and rested on me for a brief moment

Almost as though she had heard my silent curiosity

She smiled

And I fell in love

Beneath the Magnolia tree

~Alisa Hutton

My Love Letter To You

You asked me to write you a love letter. This probably isn’t going to be what you were expecting. You see I can’t and won’t write you a love letter in the way you want. I can’t write or say anything that will authentically fill you up and bring light to your darkest corners like you love letter

Of course there are many things I could say about you and for you. I do love you and because I do I will not let anyone be responsible for your happiness, except you. You see, I don’t ever want me or anyone else to hold the key to your happiness. I hope you understand. I want to be assured that when people walk out of your life (and they will) that you will remain happy because that is what you are, happy.

You are a good person, kind, generous, spirited, funny, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. I know this. These are some of the many reasons why I love you. Whether you know it or not your laugh, smile and warmth light up people around you all the time. I wish for you to be able to feel that in yourself as the rest of us have had the honor to.

My love letter to you, is that I hope you always see your beauty and worth. I hope you cherish it by living a good, genuine and meaningful life, whatever that looks like for you. I hope you feel love. I hope you give love. I hope you can find something to smile and laugh about every day. I hope your spirit stays strong, as you are.

I wish I could protect you from the hard, sad, empty and painful times. I can’t though. I am telling you this because I love you. I want you to know though you will be okay, you will be better than okay. You are solid, your heart is good and you are made to be happy. The difficult times will pass, they always do.

I wish I could write you a love letter that would keep you warm, safe and happy for the rest of your life but I love you too much to sprinkle you with words of flattery. All the love letter you need is already inside of you, always has been and always will be.

This is my love letter to you.

~Alisa Hutton


Evening Wish

Man collecting the stars and putting them in a wheelbarrow.

Laying on my back I looked up for a moment

If only I could be

That star so far away in the distant sky

Peacefully shining on its own and quietly offering light

Enjoying the safety of a simple existence in the middle of the night

~Alisa Hutton

Solid Form


A smooth stone held humbly in my hand

Rubbing it in nurture against my now lined palm

I hold this part of my past in solid form

One of many rocks that once filled my warm pockets

How easily the weight sunk me to the bottom of the ocean

I recall the murky waters as I sat on the sea bed floor

The pain I felt as the salt stung my eyes trying to see a glimmer of care and compassion

How I squinted in to the open nothing and found everything

As the sun set that day, as the moon pulled the tide

The sand that was tossed with fraught in to my waters settled in to my soul

My hands had always been free to empty my life of your rocks

Weight that they carried with intentions to sink replaced with light spirits

I came to understand the rocks you left in my pockets never deserved space or hope

My gratitude will always extend to you for the day I learned to rise to the top and effortlessly float

~Alisa Hutton



Did my personal harmony echo spirit back in to your life?

Good faith and hope intoned in to the empty spaces in your soul

I, your Kintsugi?

Human gold accepted and poured to fill your broken past

Do you feel more valuable now?

Do you see your worth?

Or is the tap on my reality that this was just another scratch on our record?

Skipping on repeat that part of the song that attempts to drain mine

The space I long ago invited you to visit has always remained the same

Uncomplicated, genuine, loving and kind

The only difference I can see, my values no longer left at the curb

To hold your hand for the ones you’ll never find

~Alisa Hutton