Most of us don’t plan to meet her acquaintance. Her friend the universe shakes us awake and invites us in to her shrine. She is a well-kept secret, not for the palate of those who shy away from reality or the sometimes harsh brightness of life. While she arrives at the most inconvenient of times, she soothes my worries with such an oddly offensive kindness. Planning and urgency are not on her to-do list. Simply light and dark and the racing of my mind. While counting sheep some of us seem to stray from the flock for reasons not quite known. Such polarity between mindlessly resting in peace and congnitively traveling in the middle the night through the darkness and unknown. She has a way of screaming my thoughts in the most silent of ways, while in tandem regurgitating every painful second of my day.  I once felt bitter towards her unruly and unwelcome company in my bed. I see her now and I am reminded of just one thing. The importance of filling my heart and resting my heavy head.


~Alisa Hutton

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