Morning meditation

Allowing breath in and beautiful intentions out

Grateful in chime my eyes open, my spirit rooted in true

Beautiful impermanence noted in each moment

Gentle reminders

Vulnerability the gift we offer even when the day feels long

Authenticity a strength

Love and kindness are what I choose and where I belong

The taste of sweetness, an open honesty that lives in my heart

Genuine acceptance and the ceremonial wash of all that I feel

Morning mediation

Welcomes the day and that which is real

~Alisa Hutton

15 thoughts on “5AM

    • Thanks, Keith. I didn’t know this about you, that is great:) I am just back to my meditation and I am doing a new style which I am really loving. September has brought me back to all “me” things and it has been refreshing and a good reminder as to why making space for those first are so important.

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      • Alisa, we all need that me time. I like the morning as I am the first one up. I do my stretching after my shower, so it is not an intense workout. At my age, the workouts keep me flexible and more tone (still not tone, but better than I was). Keep on keepin’ on. Keith

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