My heart was reminded of love this morning, perspective

Little grains of hurt scattered on an open shore

Hurt is nothing more than a single particle of sand, insignificant to the whole

Standing back with a broadened lens we can see the ocean, open sky and so much more

Love always has perspective and courage

If it doesn’t

Maybe it is just another grain on your shore

~Alisa Hutton

11 thoughts on “Grain

  1. Love has perspective and courage. I like this. This reminds me of the key line from the play “A Raisin in the Sun,” after the son misuses his father’s life insurance benefits that his mother wanted to buy a house with. Mama said to her irate daughter-in-law “It is easy lovin’ someone when they do right. When love matters most is when they don’t.”

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  2. Very lovely…. even though I try not to think of hurt as insignificant. I think we now live in a world where pain, hurt, and suffering are ignored and thus human emotions become insignificant when our leaders are vain bullies. But I’m an old protesting former flower child and I suppose I’ll always be looking to find that one grain of sand that needs comfort. I enjoyed your writing style and flow of words.

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