The lingering embers of sweet grass on cold October nights

Dew on the morning honeysuckle that warmly wrapped us in July

Star-dust trailing across a seemingly never-ending August sky

September rains, the forest and full moon tide

Tiny breathes in December as snowfall blankets outside

Opening blooms and light announcing May has arrived

Sipping a warm latte while bundled on the beach, moments in April’s time

Laughter and glances, Shiraz, the scent of March for you and I

You asked what your scent was

It is the softness and perfection of taste, memory and time

~Alisa Hutton

My Morning Pleasure



Closing my eyes

Today I visited a held space

In a moment

In the quiet of my senses where truth gently speaks

There you were

Pressed in my heart

Wrapped in my thoughts making me smile

I ponder

Is this story

An unexpected gift or a mutually wished upon treasure?

I do know but if one thing is for certain


My morning pleasure

~Alisa Hutton



Bite and devour that dances across my tongue, lingering taste

Pressing her lips in timeless suspension

Slow stroke of her smooth canvas leaving sensual droplets, snap shots, lingering touch

Warm hands mapping in curious trace

Fragrance that imprints the linen with her lingering scent that begs to be savored and envelopes me whole

Hints of perfume pressing against me, vividly and slow

Images of the her movements in silhouette,  a lingering hold

Visual playback that without announcement laps across my gaze, encompassing and  bold

In the quiet of my day her paced breathing than ran up my neck, lingering sounds of the night before

Notes of her that seem to reverberate deeply in my soul

She lingers across my senses in breathtaking ways

Misting her extraordinary beauty throughout my day

~Alisa Hutton




Go for a walk

I’ll stay here and keep things warm

Don’t go too fast, don’t go too slow

Look only during the day and sleep at night

Ignore that advice, I am bent and wrong, not always right

At 3AM the moon whispered in my ear

Even in darkness, cold and fear

While slippery and elusive, always near

It will move and shift, jump and hide

Swirl and fall, drip and slide

Listen to your heart, your instincts will speak

Possibly make your knees wobbly and weak

Take a walk and I promise you’ll find it in less than a mile

Linger for a bit, keep your senses informed, don’t be affraid to cry or smile

Remember that tree?  That one that grows down the block?

Touch its bark, inspect it well, even give it a knock

I have found it there many a time

Fluffy clouds and evening stars; places that may help you on your find

If you can fathom; puddles on rainy days and even dusty places in your mind

Look around and lift that nose high in the air

Take a big whiff

If anyone is looking, don’t give it any care

It might be in the wind or under your feet

You might find it while you are thinking about last week

All I know is that it is always around and together I think we might find a whole bunch

While you are out on your walk looking for yours here and there

I will take 26 letters and mix them all up

Deposit them in my mind and move them around

Perhaps say it out loud and see how they sound

I will shake it up and let it pour

When you arrive back home and through the door

You and I  will have that much more, we will sit and laugh and drink it up

Don’t listen to people if they tell you you’re wrong

Walk on your hands and look upside down for it if you must

You will always find it, you just need to trust

I can tell you in 26 letters that I just shook up

It may feel lost but you’ll find if you persist

Magic really does exist

~Alisa Hutton